Greetings!  Our Evening Guest Receptions are now available for purchase, but before that, a few important notes about guests this year… 

Brief Guest Update

We are extremely sad to have to announce that Lalla Ward has unfortunately had to withdraw from appearing at Gallifrey One this year for personal reasons.  She has sent her best regards to everyone at Gallifrey One and is very sad she won’t be able to join us; we wish her the best and hope we can have her back again very soon.  Convention Photo Shoots will be refunding her VIP script reading and photo op tickets as soon as possible; meanwhile, the meet & greet included in the TARDIS Tag will be with another one of our guests, to be announced.

In other guest news, we have a few familiar faces joining us for some of the receptions, as well as photo ops and autographs throughout the weekend, including Eric Roberts (the Master from the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie), his wife Eliza Roberts and our long-time guest Gigi Edgley (“Farscape”).  We’ll have more detail on that in the days to come.

Meanwhile… stay tuned for the Gallifrey One 2024 Convention Schedule which is coming this weekend, including all of our programming and panels, kaffeeklatsches and more (with photo ops and autograph sessions to be added soon thereafter.) 

Evening Guest Receptions Now On Sale

Gallifrey One’s Evening Guest Receptions are now on sale!  The receptions are a great way to meet your favorite celebrities in small groups, in our 16th floor reception lounge; enjoy a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage and visit with each guest attending for a set length of time. At various intervals, the guests will move on to the next group, giving you a chance to visit with each of the guests.  This year’s receptions include the following confirmed guests (with some additions pending).

  • Friday 6:30pm with Derek Jacobi, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall, Brian Croucher, Ray Holman, Sally Knyvette, Dominic Glynn ($110)
  • Friday 8:00pm with Alex Kingston, Segun Akinola, Matthew Waterhouse, Jacqueline King, Annette Badland, Kevin Jon Davies, Gigi Edgley, Susannah Malak ($95)
  • Saturday 5:00pm with Derek Jacobi, Eric Roberts, Eliza Roberts, Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, Jaye Griffiths, Jonathon Carley, Gigi Edgley ($95)
  • Saturday 6:30pm with Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Shaun Dingwall, Ray Holman, Brian Croucher, Susannah Malak ($95)
  • Saturday 8:00pm with Alex Kingston, Jacqueline King, Matthew Waterhouse, Dominic Glynn, Annette Badland, Kevin Davies, Gigi Edgley ($95)

More news soon…